свобода і мир - Freiheit und Frieden // Solidaritätskonzert

Together with the Ukrainian musician Tamara Lukasheva living in Cologne, we organize a solidarity concert for the musicians living and working in Ukraine on the day of the beginning of the war. Because they continue to organize concerts under the most difficult circumstances in their homeland, and thus give their fellow human beings hope and support essential for survival. The composer and singer is therefore particularly concerned that the evening, despite the sad occasion, should be a coming together to celebrate life. To this end, she invites musical companions from Germany as well as some of her Ukrainian colleagues, whom we supported with donations from our first benefit concert on March 1, 2022. Some of them now live in Cologne and North Rhine-Westphalia. The program will be accordingly diverse: traditional songs and chants, jazz and improvisation, but also classical, pop and rock.

With the help of Tamara Lukasheva, all proceeds and donations will go directly to the musicians living and working in Ukraine. The ticket price is at least 20, - EUR. Further donations are expressly desired and possible via a donation link we have set up:

The concert will be supported by WDR3 and broadcast live.

Current program information:
The four musicians living in Ukraine - Oleg Kadanov, Stanislav Kononov, Oleg Subbotin and Dmitrii Ryhzuk - unfortunately cannot leave due to the current situation.
However, at short notice Tamara Lukasheva managed to invite two other high-ranking musicians: Ukrainian saxophonist and composer Andrei Prozorov , who lives in Vienna, and Kiev-born pianist and composer Nataliya Lebedeva , who currently lives and works in Poland.
Andrei Prozorov, born in Odessa in 1975 just like Tamara Lukasheva, has enriched the (not only) Austrian music scene for over 20 years. The soprano saxophonist is known for his collaborations with Joe Zawinul and the "Zawinul Syndicate", Wolfgang Puschnig, Otto Lechner, Arkadi Shilkloper, the band "Fatima Spar and the Freedom Fries" and his own band and solo projects.
Nataliya Lebedeva is considered a pioneer of new jazz in Ukraine, and is known for her dynamic touch and progressive compositions. Before fleeing Kiev in March 2022, she worked as a professor at the Kiev State Academy of Music. She is one of the musicians we were able to support through donations in 2022.

So currently (as of 20.02.2023) we are including: Tamara Lukasheva , Matthias Schriefl , Jakob Kühnemann, Mathieu Clement , Leon Hattori and the Ukrainian-German folklore ensemble Dyvyna from Cologne, Marina Subbotina and Nataliya Lebedeva , both currently living in Poland, and Andrei Prozorov from Vienna.

Fri, 24.02.2023
Concert Highlight!

Tamara Lukasheva (vocals, piano), Matthias Schriefl (reeds), Jakob Kühnemann (double bass), Mathieu Clement (drums), Leon Hattori (piano), Andrei Prozorov (soprano saxophone), Nataliya Lebedeva (piano), Marina Subbotina (alto saxophone), Ensemble Dyvyna: Yulia Kulinenko (vocals), Christina Kramer (vocals), Svitlana Medvedeva (vocals)

concert hall Start 20:00

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