Jards Macalé © Rejane Zilles

Foggy Notion: Jards Macalé

Support: Wolfgang Pérez (bis 20:20 Uhr)

Jards Macalé's biography is a testament to the electrifying energy of music and the unwavering spirit of artistic rebellion. Macalé has stayed true to his vision by embracing the unconventional and challenging the status quo. His music, which conveys emotion and holds a mirror up to society, continues to weave a tapestry of sound that touches the souls of listeners.

In 2022, Macalé celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first solo album, a groundbreaking masterpiece released in 1972. This iconic album gave us timeless tracks such as "Vapor Barato", "Mal Secreto", "Farinha do Desprezo", "Revendo Amigos" and "Lethes Play That". The sheer brilliance of the album united the realms of Brazilian music, combining samba and bossa nova with the fiery essence of rock, classical harmonies and the improvisational spirit of jazz. Over the years, a new generation of musicians and fans discovered this gem, reviving its popularity and inspiring new collaborations.

Last year, Jards Macalé put together a new, formidable band that brought the stages to a boil with a tour throughout Brazil and is now bringing him to Europe for the first time in his long career. Together with Gui Held (guitar), Pedro Dantas (bass) and Maria Portugal (drums), Macalé conjures up an intoxicating homage to his famous work. This live performance embodies the untamed spirit and boundless musical freedom that characterize this visionary artist, transporting the audience into a realm where the past merges with the present to create a unique experience.

After the concert, guests can expect suitable musical accompaniment from 21:30 to linger, chat and dance to Aguas de Março: DJ sets by Twit One & Nadim.
Admission is free!

Fri, 01.03.2024

Jards Macalé (guitar, vocals), Thomas Harres (drums), Paulo Emmery (bass), Guilherme Held (guitar)

Tropicália, Brazilian

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

22 €/12 € red. Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 25 €/15 € red. Box Office

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