Marion Poschmann © Heike Steinweg

Der Literarische Salon mit Marion Poschmann

Born in Essen in 1969, Marion Poschmann is an author whose storytelling celebrates the art of fragility. Her sentences stir up events like a breeze. Whether the protagonists - her heroes are almost always women - are wandering around Japan or living in a forest hut, Poschmann always knows how to weave the spirit of nature into her lines. Her books are full of magic, which always arises from the concretely described reality of bourgeois society. It is no coincidence that the gifted virtuoso of form, whose books are full of subtle humor, has been awarded prizes for poetry, prose and essays, most recently the prestigious Joseph Breitbach Prize. The FAZ called her new novel Chor der Erinnyen, about a math teacher whose firmly established view of the world is shattered, "a linguistic feast, an unfortunately only two hundred page-long respite from all the banal, everyday-language prose that makes up much of contemporary German literature." "A magical feat of form and content," agreed the Frankfurter Rundschau: "The novel endures an ambiguity that is second to none ..."

We are looking forward to an evening full of ambivalence, lightness and imagery.

Thu, 02.05.2024

Marion Poschmann (author), Navid Kermani (host), Guy Helminger (host)


concert hall Start 20:30 Doors 19:30

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