Conic Rose

Hypnotic city night drives and light-flooded places of longing. A journey into no man's land between dream and reality, hope and disillusionment, everyday life and escape. To put the music of the debut album of the Berlin band Conic Rose into a common formula is almost hopeless. Depending on your field of vision, you could call it indie pop, jazz, ambient, electronica or a soundtrack evoking its own images. It is all together and yet much more than just the sum of the listed styles.

After all, the unmistakability of a hoarse trumpet tone on the tranquil soundscapes of electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass and stoic drumming that transfers influences from J.S. Bach, Krautrock, Thom Yorke or Bonobo into a sound aesthetic that evokes associations with Jon Hassell, Nils-Petter Molvaer or Toshinori Kondo's unforgettable band IMA is what gives this album its special flair. The magic formula for trumpeter Konstantin Döben and pianist/keyboardist Johannes Arzberger, who know each other from Clueso's band, as well as guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Bertram Burkert, bassist Franziska Aller and drummer Silvan Strauss is barrier-free openness in all directions. As focused as the band's sound cascades may sound as a result, many of them were created, recorded and ultimately produced only once out of improvisation. Nothing was prepared. The formation surrendered to inner moods that they could only make audible by playing them. The recipe was a perfect mixture of intuitive calculation and calculated intuition. This desire for one's own sound is palpable in every single moment on "Conic Rose". It translates into images whose haunting casualness lingers and lives on the inner canvas of the listening viewer.

Fri, 17.11.2023

Nicholas Stampf (drums), Bertram Burkert (guitar), Konstantin Döben (trumpet), Johannes Arzberger (piano, keyboards), Franziska Aller (bass)


jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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