Cologne Music Week: TELESHOP / Bush.ida

The Berlin duo TELESHOP has already made a name for itself in the scene and could play through the successful collaboration on the Gift EP with DJ HEARTSTRING in the hearts of many music lovers:inside. In the same team-up the current releases Endlos and Nochmal were released. The electronic club sound sets the stage on which the two tell stories from their life reality. Between seemingly endless nights, heartbreak vibes and softboy aesthetics, Marc and Josh - the two friends from their youth - manage to find the perfect balance of Eurodance, trap & rave culture.

Already at the age of 10 Bush.ida has understood that what happens in rap is somehow different. Different in the sense of. Angry? Political? Outlet? Empowering? The latter last. When ida took refuge in sweatpants from toxic family relationships at hip-hop parties, women were objects and queer people nonexistent. Did it still take academic excursions into sociology and sustainability science, depressive fuck-ups about the world, and the absolutely undeniable realization that not only the private but the climatic is feminist. Bush.ida is not a product of chance. Bush.ida is providence of fate. Bush.ida is a liberation from patriarchy. Bush.ida is the conglomerate of banger rap, linguistic acrobatics and radical softness. Bush.ida has come to stay: "WILL COME IN BUSH!"

Sat, 28.10.2023

jaki Start 21:00 Doors 20:00

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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