Cologne Jazzweek: PHILM

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Cologne Jazzweek goes into the third round
12-18 August 2023

The journey continues. Also in 2023 unique artists:inside of the Cologne, German and international jazz scene will be experienced on the many stages throughout the city. Whether in the Stadtgarten, LOFT, King Georg, Open Air, the Ehrenfeld-Clubs or our new venues in the Filmhaus, the Klaus von Bismarck Sendesaal in the WDR or the Philharmonie - new encounters will arise and new stories will be written. Be part of the festival summer 2023 and dive into the wonderful world of improvised music!

Since 2011 there is the quartet PHILM around the Berlin saxophonist Philipp Gropper. The improvisational music of Gropper, Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizer), Robert Landfermann (bass) and Oliver Steidle (drums) is equally complex and ambiguous, because the rhythmic phenomenon of groove structures the partly free-tonal, harmonic and melodic processes initiated by the four musicians in a form that is not common even in jazz.

The polyrhythmic has developed into a vocabulary in PHILM that characterizes the sound of this quartet. To the usual rhythmic vocabulary of triplets, semiquavers, etc., 'intermediate rhythms' have been added. For example, a whole groove builds up on a seventh, but a four-four time runs through underneath. If this four-four is not perceived, however, then a level arises in which one has the impression that rhythmically it sometimes becomes faster or slower. Only by the reference to the four-four time the tension is built up, which seems diffuse, but is not diffuse at all. 2021 PHILM has been awarded the German Jazz Prize in the category "Band of the Year".

The complete program of all participating venues can be found on the Cologne Jazzweek website.

Sat, 12.08.2023
Concert Highlight!

Philipp Gropper (saxophone), Robert Landfermann (bass), Oliver Steidle (drums), Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizer)


beer garden Start 20:30 Doors 18:00

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