Cologne Jazzweek: Bushman´s Revenge

The trio Bushman's Revenge was founded in Oslo in 2003 by Even Helte Hermansen (guitar), Rune Nergaard (bass) and Gard Nilssen (drums) to bring together fundamentally different styles that one would not have expected under one roof. The album "Never Mind The Botox" is something like a blueprint for how this threesome knows how to stage their musical and aesthetic ideas and conceptions. The song "War Pigs" by the heavy metal band Black Sabbath is unexpectedly followed by "Lonely Woman" by Ornette Coleman, actually a beautiful, quiet ballad. But in the equally loud versions of these songs by Bushman's Revenge their differences and peculiarities only become audible between the lines - for example in differentiated dynamic processes. After almost 20 years in an unchanged line-up and numerous guests, who always knew how to break up the dense band sound of Bushman's Revenge, they have become calmer, not to say more detached. The desire to experiment has remained, but the three Norwegians have turned down the volume. Much rather than the brute exegesis of the musical material, they now take their time to let each individual tone shimmer - such as through breaks in the musical flow.

Mon, 15.08.2022

Gard Nilssen (drums), Even Hermansen (guitar), Rune Neergard (bass guitar)


jaki Start 22:30 Doors 22:00

Free admission

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