Christina Lux feat. Oliver George

Release-Konzert des neuen Albums "Live Deluxe" (erscheint am 06.10.2023)

She is perhaps Germany's most wonderful insider tip. Highly praised by the press and listened to with rapt attention by the audience, she has been playing the clubs and cabarets since the 90s. Lux is a shining light among the many singer-songwriters. And not only because of her name. Her lyrics are clear and profound. Her voice is haunting and warm. In addition, round, great arranged songs with fine melodies. She stands up for the things that move her and puts them into music and poetry. After two joint albums and many concerts in the last 4 years, Christina Lux and Oliver George are also 2023 again on the road through the country. 2018 saw the release of their first joint and all-German album LEISE BILDER awarded the German Record Critics' Prize. 2021 then saw the release of the equally highly acclaimed album LICHTBLICKE. Lux and George impress with their joint playing. Both musically and with Lux clear and heartfelt lyrics. Each concert, a journey through the heart and the brain windings for those listening. Christina Lux tells with fine humor and great depth of her thoughts behind the songs and manages to make you land unawares in the middle of your own life. And that touches you deeply. She is a wonderful and very own guitarist and singer and multi-instrumentalist Oliver George on vocals, guitar and drums knows how to accompany her songs in a way that gives them space without smothering the fine intimacy of the stories. His fine guitar melodies and sense for groove and arrangement are never obtrusive, but always enriching.

The two now look back on 40 years of musical life and one can feel the intense collaboration of the last five years in their concerts. In 1984 their journey had begun in a rock band. Both were around 18. Then they lost sight of each other for a long time and went their own ways. Christina Lux has already released ten albums since 1998. She worked with Stoppok, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Purple Schulz, Astrid North, Regy Clasen, Susan Weinert and Edo Zanki among others. 10 years ago Lux and George met again and they started writing and producing albums together. The current album by Christina Lux LICHTBLICKE was released in 2021.

Sat, 07.10.2023


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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