Bachelorkonzert: Jan Seemann

The strength of the busy bassist Jan Seemann lies on the one hand in his versatile musical expression on the instrument, which he has already been able to demonstrate in a wide variety of formations such as Leila Forouhar, ORCHESTRE DES JEUNES DE L'ONJ or as part of the house band of Wave Jam. On the other hand, the young bassist finds the strength and empathy for his creative ideas in the collective process - community stands as the source of all musical creation.

This is exactly why Seemann invites a special variety of musicians to the JAKI stage for his bachelor's degree concert. In addition to the exceptional young German talent Jakob Manz on alto saxophone, Bodry Johnson and Clemens Orth - both well-known greats from Cologne and Düsseldorf on the keys - will accompany Seemann on his last concert as part of his bass studies at the HfMT Cologne. Singer Cage, who has already made waves in the Cologne scene in recent years, will also contribute a few pieces with her warm, embracing voice. Rapper bernard. from Düsseldorf, DJ LU on the turntables and singers Meret Cepero Malo and Noomi Mae Coleman as well as Seemann's longtime companion Yoshua Knauber on drums, round out the musician's crew. The audience can look forward to a multi-layered inspiring concert with a formation that comes together solely for this evening and will probably rarely be seen again. So don't miss it!

Thu, 14.09.2023

Ella O'Brien-Coker (vocals), Meret Cepero Malo (vocals), Noomi Mae Coleman (vocals), Jakob Manz (alto saxophone), Bodry Johnson (keys), Clemens Orth (keys), DJ LU (turntables), Jan Seemann (e-bass), Yoshua Knauber (drums), bernard. (vocals), Cage (vocals)

Funk, Bassmusic, HipHop

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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