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ÄTNA are among the most exciting German newcomers: They play at the most important festivals in Germany and abroad, have toured Russia, play in Istanbul, London, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Estonia and this year at the Montreux Jazz Festival. For a German band, that's gigantic. ÄTNA sound like this: Fever Ray meets Grimes at the Semper Opera. There's a piano on the stage. The analog effects are mixed in directly. Hall loops, effects and delays are run live, nothing is automated. Their voice alienations seem like the opposite of autotune, because they don't just pull anything, but add even more depth to the impressive voice of singer Inéz. "Try" lives on harmonic shifts and a surprising twist: the last third of the text is in German. Anyway, the text: Here someone asks a lyrical you: Who am I, anyway? And a voice answers: Never mind. But you can't fall any deeper - you have to try to change things. Inéz finds the inspiration for this text in her immediate surroundings: "No matter how bitter someone is, I still try to see the human. I hope there's a person behind every asshole and it's never too late to change." From set pieces of very different currents and genres, Inéz and Demian create an avant-garde Gesamtkunstwerk in the best sense of the word. They are a creative duo at eye level. ÄTNA combine fashion and design with their music, wear monochrome stage costumes, deliver visually impressive videos to their music. "Making their own world," they call it laconic. Montreux Jazz Festival or Coachella? ÄTNA have decided: Both. And they've already been to Montreux.

An event by Prime Entertainment.

Sun, 08.03.2020

Electronica, Pop

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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