Ausverkauft: Perfektomat und der Retrogott

Das Konzert ist ausverkauft - es wird keine Abendkasse mehr geben.

Even though Dendemann once said, "Hip Hop is like pizza: still quite popular even when it's bad," Perfektomat and the Retrogott didn't miss the chance to put on a cross-kitchen fireworks display on their record "Zeit Hat Uns" that will please the palates of true jazz, Latin and hip hop gourmets.

Bassist Joscha Oetz has always enjoyed bridging the gap between Teo Macero, Miles Davis, Grandmaster Flash and Steve Coleman. After collaborations with spoken word artists like San Diego's The Able Minded Poets and musicians from the Trummerflora collective, the Independencia project followed with activist and MC Pedro Mo and literary figure Miguel Idelfonso.

When Joscha Oetz was looking for possibilities to realize the combination of jazz, Latin American rhythms and hip hop in German-speaking countries, drummer Niklas Wandt put him in touch with Kurt Tallert aka Retrogott.
Retrogott's discography includes projects with producers, DJs and MCs from the USA, Cuba and Chile. The approach to word art across country, language and genre boundaries is not new to the MC, who sees jazz as the musical mothership in the hip-hop universe anyway. What is new, however, is that "Zeit hat uns" is dominated by a spoken word flow that has only rarely been tried before and that is more reminiscent of role models such as Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron than of Big Daddy Kane and Kool Keith. Even drawing on the poetry of Heinrich Heine and prose of Simone Weill, this new facet of retrogoth seems to have grown together organically with Perfektomat's music.
With a heavy dose of Afro-Peruvian percussion from the hand of Laura Robles (cajón, congas), what comes out of Perfektomat and the Retrogott's kitchen is more cazuela than stew. In the fusion with Daniel Schröteler on drums, traditional rhythms of the Landó, Festejo and the Marinera and experimental/tracked jazz and funk grooves converge.
Bassist Joscha Oetz already worked with Nils Tegen (piano/keyboards) and Niels Klein (saxophones) in the late 90s, on the occasion of his recording debut "The Loonators". Seventh in the group is guitarist Norbert Scholly, who contributes his very own ingredients, ranging from laid-back jazz riffs to psychedelic.

With the title song "Zeit hat uns" Joscha Oetz celebrates his debut as a lyricist. In the time of saying goodbye to a close person and inspired by the novel "There, There" by First Nation author Tommy Orange, the lyrical examination of death came into being. In the novel, the terminally ill uncle receives the somewhat awkward advice of his nephew, "Have courage, we have time," to which the latter replies, "No - time has us." Joscha Oetz and Kurt Tallert, who worked together on the song text, understand man's powerlessness in the face of time expressed in this statement not only as a restriction, but as an invitation to lived openness instead of complete control. On this basis, seven multifaceted musicians were able to combine diverse ingredients into a flavor-laden creation that looks far beyond the edge of the turntable.

Fri, 17.03.2023
Concert Highlight!

Kurt Tallert aka. Retrogott (vocals), Joscha Oetz (double bass, compositon), Laura Robles (cajon, congas), Niels Klein (saxophone), Nils Tegen (piano, keyborads), Norbert Scholly (guitar), Daniel Schröteler (drums)

Jazz, HipHop, Spoken Word

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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