AUSVERKAUFT: NICA live: Heidi Bayer presents "Welten"

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WELTEN (english: worlds) is a young up-and-coming band from Leipzig. Their music is characterized by a warm, melancholic, sometimes fragile band sound, which can be stylistically classified as minimalist indie jazz.

The starting point and most important element of their musical work is the close friendship between the four musicians. This manifests itself audibly and visibly on stage in a special closeness and connection to each other, in which the audience is included. The constant search for new sounds and their own sounds produces special timbres and strong melodies, which open up new worlds of improvised music and make them accessible.

With floating soundscapes and enchanting atmospheres, WELTEN let stories echo in large dynamic arcs that tell of hopes and longings and take the audience on a musical journey to ice deserts and grass-cutter ants. The compositions open up a vast expanse that abruptly transitions into a quiet and intimate closeness. In this way, exciting changes of perspective are created, ranging from a view outside into the great WORLDS to a view of the very personal inner world. Thus each piece is a small synthesis of the arts, which, like a kaleidoscope, opens up the most diverse colours, sounds and associations and enchants in its own way.

Since 2016 they have released three albums: Live im Laden auf Zeit (2017), Ycatú (2018) and Akureyri (2019) and played over 80 concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Iceland. Including concerts at Múlin Jazz Club - Harpa Reykjavik(Iceland) with Óskar Guðjónsson (ADHD), Deutschlandfunk Kultur and festivals, such as Fusion, Seanaps, At.tension, Jazz and the City(Salzburg) and Skandalös. The track Ycatú was included in the Spotify playlist "State Of Jazz". In winter 2021 Welten will release their fourth album on the label Jazzlab (Hamburg).

Mon, 26.07.2021
Concert Highlight!

Valentin Mühlberger (wurlitzer, moog, voice), Lukas Backs (alto flute, transverse flute, percussion), Laurenz Welten (alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet), Jonas Petry (prepared drums, tombac, daf), Bertram Burkert (guitar, bass)


GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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