Brenda Blitz © Thomas Schoger // nand © Adrian Knauf

AUSVERKAUFT: Kölner Bühnensommer mit Brenda Blitz & nand

Die Veranstaltung ist ausverkauft - es wird keine Abendkasse mehr geben.

Brenda Blitz
Brenda Blitz - "When letters and synthesizers have a hot date". Since 2019, the wave pop newcomer has been providing the right amount of oxygen with her smart lines on Berlin's floorboards in a sea of synths.
July 2019, Stuttgart: Brenda marches into Ralv Milberg's "Hinterhof Studios" with her finished lyrics for her first single "Durchsichtig" - with her goal to take home a finished song in her pocket. Ralv called a few friends to record the tracks. Thus, in three days and three nights, the tracks for her debut single were created. Apart from her song lyrics, she also took a pen and a piece of paper to jot down the most important things in the studio. Because this rush of intense creation excited her enough to teach herself how to produce afterwards! She produced all the upcoming singles herself and finally released her first EP "Infinite Vastness" in February 2021. With this, Brenda once again showed that she represents 100% female power in everything she does! Existing collaborations with other producers and songwriters, including Zebo Adam (Bilderbuch) and Nick Höser (Alli Neumann) will certainly provide some surprises in the future.

In January 2020 "Wohlfühlen" will be released without the support of a label, without a PR team, without a marketing budget. Simply a DIY release via the streaming portals. "Feel Good" quickly picks up steam, people follow nand on social media, put the track in their playlists, a management team takes notice. "For a long time, I kept having this dream in my sleep of me standing in front of a crowd singing my own lyrics and everyone singing along. Then when I did my first gig in February 2020, the place was completely packed and everyone was singing along and knew the lyrics. That was a dream come true for me. From then on, I realized that you can achieve anything you want if you stick with it, push through it and do your own thing." Nand has tasted blood and has already set a scent mark with release #1. "Stay tuned" is not a parting phrase here, but a serious piece of advice.

The "Kölner Bühnensommer 2021" is an event of the city of Cologne and is supported in the program Kultursommer 2021 by the Beauftrage der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR.

Mon, 20.09.2021

Wave Pop, Synth Pop, Downtempo

GREEN ROOM Start 19:00 Doors 18:00

Free admission

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