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Eine Veranstaltung von "African Futures - All Around"

A star of the avant-garde neo-soul scene, Belgian-Congolese singer and expressionist, composer, dancer and performer Reinel Bakole creates a cosmic world: inspired by her connection to nature and her relationships with others, she takes her audience on a spiritual journey.

Inspired by her connection to nature and her relationships with other people, she creates a cosmic world into which she takes us with her beguiling voice, whose light scratching reveals a touching sensitivity. Her poetic, almost lyrical way of singing is all-encompassing and makes her audience feel like they are participating in an immersive experience whose leitmotifs are self-reflection, healing and fulfillment.

Originally trained as a dancer in classical and jazz dance, Reinel evolved into a multidisciplinary artist whose free spirit leaves no one indifferent. The diversity of disciplines she experienced in vibrant and stimulating Amsterdam, where she graduated in Urban Dance from the University of the Arts, led her to expand her art to music and song, and she is developing a universe all her own with jazz and afro-soul influences. In 2020, living between London and Brussels, she released her EP AGØTM - A Gal On The Moon. The following year her album Closer To Truth was released.

Attaching great importance to the visual aspect of her work, Reinel constantly plunges into an innovative aesthetic, invoking her avant-garde vision to match the boldness of her creativity. Her expressive performances in prestigious venues and festivals have inspired audiences at home and abroad.

Sun, 04.06.2023
Concert Highlight!

Samuel van Binsbergen (bass, DJ), Reinel Bakole (vocals), Pierre Spataro (saxophone)

Jazz, Avantgarde Neo-Soul

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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