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The big picture
The debut album of GIRLWOMAN will be released on 05.11.2021 by Staatsakt. It is titled "Das große Ganze" and contains 11 songs from the endless expanses of pop-all between indie, electronic and future-soul. 11 chapters of a big narrative with the knowledge that everything is in there, and yet it can't be everything by a long shot.
"The big picture is a declaration of love for the beauty of things against the backdrop of my life," says GIRLWOMAN about her album, which she recorded and produced together with musician and producer Rasmus Exner in her apartment in Bielefeld over the course of the last three years.
Already in May 2020, her first single "Rote Riesen schlafen nicht" was released.
A somnambulistic rave track that caught the attention far beyond the borders of the East Westphalian city. A pulsating song with an inimitable voice that irritatingly wandered between childish charm and adult expression.
GIRLWOMAN doesn't believe in the abrupt end of childhood with the entrance into any adulthood anyway. In any case, in everyday life, in a life full of schedules and supposedly purposeful decisions, emotional glaciation and fear, we all too often unfortunately suppress the child in us and prefer to lose ourselves in hair-splitting, vulgo: adult discussions with ourselves and others - until the "tick tock trauma" is at the end. Another great, pre-released song from GIRLWOMAN.

"The Big Picture," on the other hand, begins with a rather dreamy look through a "prism." A club track. Dancing people in the fog and laser lights come to mind when listening to it. Although the song is actually more about loneliness. Of strange, hallucinogenic light reflections while wandering around the jungle of the city at night into deserted alleys between glass and concrete. GIRLWOMAN sings, "Your skin tastes like cement." What a beautiful, fairy-tale description of a building facade. In general, it's always the physical bodies and structures that captivate GIRLWOMAN in her song lyrics: "My head is a picture book with a massive collection of snapshots. I'm looking for a home in the things themselves!", the artist says about the inspiration of her musical imagery: "Electricity, line, form, I feel kind of lost!", she says elsewhere in the song "Electricity, line, form", in which she replaces an entire string orchestra with a violin and a viola in endless, consecutively recorded tracks in her home studio. In addition, a drum computer and analog synthesizers. How big only two people with their machines can sound today from a small apartment in Bielefeld: Fantastic!

Fri, 10.12.2021

Axana Exner, Rasmus Ole Exner, Dominik Ramöller, Hanitra Wagner, Oliver Bersin

Electro Pop

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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