Callum Beattie © Andrew Whitton

Callum Beattie © Andrew Whitton

CANCELLED: Callum Beattie

In April, Callum Beattie released his latest single "Connection", a spring hit that puts you in a good mood. The Scottish singer-songwriter also visualizes the thought behind the track, the openness to let someone into his life, in the delightful video in which many people work hand in hand with him.

In just over two weeks' time, "Without You" will be released, another piece in which the 23-year-old artist takes up the opposite theme: with a roaring melody and acoustic intensification, which form the basis of this brightly radiating pop song, he masks the deep feelings of loss and personal turbulence that follow a separation. Recently he told in an interview how the temporary move to Berlin helped him with his songwriting: "I had never been to Germany before, it was a pure escape and a way to forget. In fact, it was there that I rediscovered my creativity and was re-inspired." From Edinburgh to London to Berlin and back again: Beatty's new songs tell of his life, the ups and downs of his childhood and those of recent times. He is a shrewd storyteller, precisely because he draws from the fullness of his own biography and knows how to deposit the stories with his sparkling music. He has already proven this on his EPs "We Are Stars" and "Miracle".

Next autumn the Brit will be on tour with his new material.

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Mon, 16.03.2020


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