Late Night

18 Jahre Kompott Party with DJ Kosta Kostov (Balkan express).

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I can't believe we're turning 18! And we have five thousand friends! On Facebook! And we're not even a little bit megalomaniac!!!
It all started so modestly: Like all Russians, we wanted to launder some money, but the restaurant and gambling business was already busy, and hookah lounges didn't exist back then. In Cologne, the only thing left to do was culture: a Russian cultural club, plus a sticky-sweet name, bands no one knows, weird music and warm vodka: perfect to lose it all along the line and dig a tunnel from Stadtgarten to the train tracks, unnoticed by everyone, so that we could safely spray trains. But then something came up: The curiosity and openness of the Germans. They came in droves and couldn't get enough of weird music and Russian bands.
Soon we came to Putin's attention: He wanted to use us to divide Europe and to dumb down the Germans with bad music and cheap shows. Of course he wanted to order the music for his millions. But because that is not possible with Kompott, he had to change to Helene Fischer. Our repertoire and audience got bigger and bigger: The queue to the Stadtgarten overtook in length the one from the first McDonalds in Moscow and our bouncers had to send hipsters back to Berlin: Not you today!

Hollywood became aware of us, "Kompott-der Film" was shown in the 128 countries, refugees flocked to Germany... And you know the rest.
What, you don't believe it? See for yourselves!
After 18 years of unmentionable line-ups we can finally afford the crème de la crème (or as our grandma says "sour cream") of global sounds (or as our grandma says "world music") and for our birthday we treated ourselves to the best from the West: our brothers in musical spirit who don't get any older - the legendary Amsterdam Klezmer Band and the legend of Balkan sound, - DJ Kosta Kostov .

As always - the Kompott DJs with the music repertoire as wide as they are. No ear remains untouched, no foot lame, no throat dry!
P.S. And in the meantime the tunnel reaches all the way to Lake Baikal. At least some Kompott guests reported to have seen it.

Sat, 02.10.2021
Late Night

Vodka Musica, Balkan Swing, ElektroPolak

concert hall Start 23:00 Doors 23:00

10 € Box Office

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