Transcontinental multimedia concert with Hong Kong

On Sunday, 31 October 2021 at 1 pm, a joint multimedia concert by musicians in Hong Kong and Cologne will take place in real-time collaboration for the first time. “Imaginarium”, which will be held as part of the Freespace Jazz Festival in Hong Kong, invites selected musicians in Hong Kong to perform live in front of an audience in interaction with artists from the NICA artist development programme who will be connected from Stadtgarten Cologne.

The German artists Elisabeth Coudoux (cello), Pablo Giw (trumpet) and Philip Zoubek (piano) will perform at Stadtgarten Cologne. Their counterparts at Freespace Jazz Fest Hong Kong, will be the artists Nelson Hiu (multi-instrumentalist), Charles Ng (saxophone), Simon Hui (double bass) and Fiona Lee (sound art).

The result is a multimedia virtual and real free improvisation jam that encourages new encounters, modes of communication and forms of musical and visual experimentation. According to current status the event will be available to watch via live stream at

The technical challenges involved in the implementation could only be realized with the flexibility and great support of NetCologne. Without further ado, a 1 GB fiber optic line was laid to enable a virtual concert in real-time collaboration.

Imaginarium - HK/Cologne is co-presented and co-produced by Freespace Jazz Fest HK, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong and NICA artist development / Stadtgarten Köln, and is part of the mission to establish international platforms and initiate long-term artistic collaborations.

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