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Last fall, the NICA Magazine was successfully launched.

In weekly video clips, the NICA Artists are introduced in different video clips: "NICA Portrait" is a look into the workshop with its original sounds, "NICA live" shows concert recordings, "NICA High Five" is about improvising over five keywords and "NICA Friendship Book" is about the people behind the NICA Artists.

So far, the artists featured are Elisabeth Coudoux, Pablo Giw, Tamara Lukasheva, Pablo Held, Janning Trumann and Laura Totenhagen.

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Photo: Janning Trumann Portrait/

The Magazine is produced by an experienced editorial team - consisting of Martin Laurentius (Jazz thing, "Deutscher Jazzjournalisten Preis" 2017) and Felix Klopotek (Kölner StadtRevue) - in cooperation with

It is part of the Excellence Promotion NICA Artists Development of the State of NRW, executed by the "European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music", Stadtgarten Cologne.

Verwandte Themen Neue Streaming-Reihe: NICA Magazin presents "NICA live" from Mai on Transcontinental multimedia concert with Hong Kong Acknowledgement - свобода і мир - Freedom and Peace // Solidarity Concert These are the new NICA artists 2023

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