свобода і мир - Freedom and Peace // Solidarity Concert

If you missed the concert or want to watch it again, you can watch the video:
Video: свобода і мир - Freedom and Peace // Solidarity Concert

Our donation account remains active, as we want to collect as many donations as possible and forward them to those affected.
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On the initiative of the Ukrainian musician Tamara Lukasheva living in Cologne and under the patronage of Cologne's Mayor Henriette Reker, we are organizing a Solidarity Concert for the musicians living and working in Ukraine on the coming Tuesday, 01 March 2022, at 20.00**.

All proceeds will be donated.

We share the deep dismay caused by Russia's aggressive belligerent invasion of Ukraine and stand in solidarity with all the people remaining in Ukraine, here especially the musicians. In order to support these people directly, we want not only to stand in solidarity with them but also to provide them with money as soon as possible.

Thus, together with Tamara Lukasheva, we will find a way to directly pass on all income generated from this concert and further actions (entrance fees, donations, fee for WDR broadcasting rights, etc.) to the affected people.

The concert evening, which will be broadcast live on WDR3 and via video stream on our website, will also be a special one musically: With the participation of numerous musicians from Cologne and NRW Tamara Lukasheva will put together a program consisting of Ukrainian songs as well as own compositions and improvisations of the participating artists in various instrumentations. More information will be announced soon.

Participating musicians (as of 02/27/2022):
Tamara Lukasheva (vocals, piano)
Marianna Sadovka (vocals)
Matthias Schriefl (trumpet, euphonium, horn, tuba, vocals)
Janning Trumann (trombone)
Clemens Orth (piano)
Jarry Singla (piano)
Jakob Kühnemann (doublebass)
Janko Hanushevsky (e-bass)
Dominik Mahnig (drums)
Christian Thomé (drums)
Tasja Chernishova (vocal)

Moderation: Antje Hollunder (WDR3)

About the initiator
Tamara Lukasheva is a singer and composer who has won many
renowned music awards**. She was born in 1988 in Odessa, Ukraine. She studied at the Odessa Conservatory and at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, where she lives today. Music is her mother tongue - and her means of processing impressions, encounters and everyday life. And to create something new, which in turn touches other people; across borders and musical categories.

For the Solidarity Concert "свобода - Freedom " on March 01, 2022 in the Stadtgarten Cologne* Tamara Lukasheva has invited numerous of her musical companions as well as other Cologne musicians.

Tamara Lukasheva is in close contact with her Ukrainian friends, colleagues and family in Odessa.

Website of the artist: https://tamaralukasheva.de/
Further information: https://www.nica-artistdevelopment.de/artists/tamara-lukasheva

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