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Foggy Notion: Phew

Phew is a legendary figure in Japanese underground music. She started out in 1978 as the frontwoman of one of the first punk groups in Osaka, Aunt Sally, and worked as a solo artist in the 80s with a whole host of well-known names, including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Conny Plank, Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit from Can, Alex Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten and Chrislo Haas from DAF. In recent years, she has made music on record or live with Ana da Silva from The Raincoats, Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi, Ikue Mori and Yoshimi from OOIOO / Boredoms / Saicobab.

In 2020, Disciples released Vertigo KO, a collection of material that had previously only appeared on compilations, collaborations, singles and CDs, while in 2021 Mute Records released New Decade, a stunning new solo album recorded in their home studio in the Tokyo suburb of Kawasaki during the pandemic.

Thu, 04.04.2024

Hiromi Moritani aka Phew (synthesizer, fx, electronics)

Jazz, Avantgarde, Krautrock, New Wave

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

15 €/10 € red. Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 18 €/12 € red. Box Office nur Kartenzahlung

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