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Week of Surprise: Peter Evans´ Cologne Quartet

Dieses Konzert findet in der Galerie Martina Kaiser statt: Bismarckstrasse 50, 50672 Köln

"The common thread is one of broad range and hybridization [...] the four musicians collectively move fluidly between the worlds of free improvisation, contemporary notated music and electro-acoustics .... ." (Peter Evans)

Strange, risky chamber music. New York trumpeter Peter Evans (Being and Becoming, Peter Evans Ensemble, et al.) pushes the boundaries of trumpet playing in contemporary jazz with his virtuosity, precision, and conceptual adventurousness, and continues to emerge with exciting ensemble concepts. In his Cologne Quartet, formed in 2016 during a residency in Cologne, he collaborates with Elisabeth Coudoux, Akiko Ahrendt and Florian Zwissler from the multi-layered Cologne scene between improvised and contemporary music. The quartet plays a floating, instinctively-intuitive improvised chamber music, characterized by the sound stimuli of analog synthesizer, prepared cello as well as the radically extended playing of trumpet and violin.

Fri, 15.10.2021
Concert Highlight!

Peter Evans (trumpet), Akiko Ahrendt (violin), Elisabeth Coudoux (cello), Florian Zwissler (analogue synthesizer)

Weird Chamber Music

Galerie Martina Kaiser Start 18:30

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