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Trixie Whitley

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The new and third album "Lacuna" by Trixie Whitley was released at the end of March - and thanks to the joint production with Little Shalimar it has become even better than the pre-release singles "Heartbeat" and "Touch" promised.
The result is a fascinating mixture of hifi-electro sounds, hypnotic rhythms and this unmistakable voice to direct lyrics, which put blows into the pit of the stomach. The Belgian native, who lives in Brooklyn, makes no compromises and has never followed any traditional paths. Instead, she has always crossed boundaries in her transatlantic life and music. So the cooperation with the Run The Jewels producer is also very delicious and independent.
Their characteristic organ and direct lyrics combine with the new sounds and exciting (poly)rhythms to create a record that sounds fresh and familiar at the same time.

Whitley, not least because of her involvement with her mother role, has turned to writing and composing in a completely new way and completely questioned her way of working. Their natural soul coupled with the classic R'n'B context and indie rock excursions couldn't be more appropriate. Whereby one may well ask what Trixie Whitley hasn't actually done in her life yet. She started playing drums, later piano and guitar, singing and working as a DJ, she acted in various ensembles and toured with the renowned dance company Les Ballets C de la B. This diversity is also reflected in the music. From blues to hardcore, from funk to punk, the multi-instrumentalist has sung and played everything, and the illustrious series of her collaborations ranges from Daniel Lanois - with whom she founded Black Dub - to Black Flag, Robert Plant, Marianne Faithful, Meshell Ndegeocello, Emmylou Harris, Bill Frisell and Kid Koala, whom she recently supported on his new record. As already announced, Trixie Whitley will come to us in May to present her renewed sound live and will perform at the "A Summer's Tale" festival. Now she has confirmed that she will make two more appearances in November.

Echo Beatty: hypnotic songs and a penetrating voice, unworldly and haunting. The universe of Annelies Van Dinter.
Annelies founded Echo Beatty in his early twenties and over the years became a popular sidekick with Trixie Whitley, Mauro Pawlowski, The Black Heart Rebellion and Bed Rugs.
Echo Beatty has already released two studio albums: "Tidal Motions" and "Nonetheless", for which she received jubilant press reviews, which ensured that EB often travelled throughout the EU. A new EP "Ode To The Attempt" (2019) shows a new Echo Beatty after a turbulent phase.
On this EP Echo Beatty sounds more open and naked than ever before and Van Dinter dances at the borders of alternative pop, rock and indie folk. Annelies worked with Koen Gisen, Mirko Banovic and Louis Evrard on the recordings. Patricia Vanneste (ex-Balthazar, Hydrogen Sea, Sohnarr) and Trui Amerlinck (Ivy Falls, Tsar B) provided additional magic on violin and cello.
"Ode To The Attempt" will be released in October 2019 on Unday Records (Millionaire, Faces On TV, The Bony King Of Nowhere, Trixie Whitley).

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Thu, 07.11.2019

Singer-Songwriter, Multiinstrumental

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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