((( STREAM ))) NICA live: Heidi Bayer's Virtual Leak

„NICA live“ ist fester Bestandteil des Konzertangebots im „Green Room“. Sobald wir diesen wieder öffnen können, werden wir dort jeden Montag ab 20.00 Uhr die NICA Artists mit ihren musikalischen Ideen und Visionen live vor Publikum präsentieren. Bis dahin streamen wir das Format aus dem Konzertsaal.

Heidi Bayer's "Virtual Leak" is the ideal starting point for the bandleader, trumpeter and composer to develop her compositional ideas for reduced instrumentation and to create a place of shared invention, discarding and merging at the pulse of time.

Formed by Heidi, who resides in Cologne, in late summer 2018, the band without harmony instrument released their debut album "Virtual Leak" (Tangible Music) in March 2020. The compositions released there reveal a vast playground of sophisticated complexity and richness of detail, witty condensations and playful verve. Organic melodies, playfully interlaced here and there and processed in counterpoint, culminate in passages rich in contrast.
Harmony in the classical sense is literally lost - and yet it is always present, sometimes more subtle, sometimes more dynamic, but always within reach. Rhythmically flowing, peppered with surprises and twists, but always thinking in terms of melody, "Virtual Leak" form a band in which classical jazz elements and free forms of expression do not exclude each other, but rather push each other into the hand.

Mon, 31.05.2021
Concert Highlight!

Johannes Ludwig (alto sax), Lisa Wulff (bass), Karl Degenhardt (drums), Heidi Bayer (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Modern Jazz

concert hall Start 20:00

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