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Soniq: Literature & Spoken Word

SONIQ speaks, sings, raps, whispers and screams.
The Luxembourg actress, singer and performer Sascha Ley.
The Wuppertal sound poet, lyricist and vocal performer Mitch Heinrich.
SONIQ grooves, floats, races, rests and improvises.
The saxophonist and composer Christina Fuchs.
The pianist and composer Jarry Singla.
The multi-percussionist Ramesh Shotham.
SONIQ ventures into new territory.

With his current book Victory City, Salman Rushdie, who fights unbendingly for freedom of expression, provides the central theme and source of inspiration for the current SONIQ project Literature & Spoken Word. The book interweaves Indian mythology and history in a fantasy world. At the same time, very real references are made to the burning issues of our time: Power and abuse of power, the rise and fall of a world power, women in a patriarchal world.
Inspired by "Victory City", Sascha Ley and Mitch Heinrich develop texts and language fragments to then enter into a dialog with the SONIQ Trio. The result is a unique linguistic-musical Gesamtkunstwerk between improvisation, performance, composition and inventive impertinence.

Sun, 16.06.2024
Concert Highlight!

Sascha Ley (vocals, spoken word), Mitch Heinrich (vocals, spoken word), Christina Fuchs (saxophones, clarinets), Jarry Singla (piano, harmonium), Ramesh Shotham (percussion)

Jazz, Improvisation, Spoken Word

jaki Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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