Reihe M: Tutto Questo Sentire

From the sidewalks of Hackney Central, the scene of Milan and the hills of Tuscany springs the collective Tutto Questo Sentire.
Centered around Rebecca and Olivia Salvadori, a video artist and a non-conventional opera singer, respectively, and cellist and composer Sandro Mussida, over the past eight years numerous collaborators have written pieces for various types of performances in recurring, multi-week sessions. An opera with CURL performed at London's Fold techno club, a recording session in Icelandic emptiness with Bo Ningen's Monchan Monna, dance and improvisation sets with artists* such as Mark Fell, Tribe of Collin and Alessandra Novaga in traditional sites of longing such as Rome's Botanical Gardens and Capalbio's mountaintop amphitheater. Designing sound for a specific place is at the forefront, and the evening in the Stadtgarten is also shaped by the idea of "site-specific events": what else can be coaxed out of this most normal of places, the standardized concert hall, stage-front-chairs-back?
A new film by Rebecca Salvadori, The Sun Has No Shadow (2022), an ode to the intimacy of London's raves and the lights of its periphery, will open the evening and segue into a world premiere by the trio with piano, vocals and video.

Fri, 11.11.2022

Rebecca Salvadori (a/v), Olivia Salvadori (voice), Sandro Mussida (piano, electronics)

Electronic, Experimental, contemporary music

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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