Mike Herting's Global Music Orchestra / Part 1

feat. Cheickh Lehbiadh & Pape Samory Seck // Aktuell ist im Green Room leider keine Bewirtung an den Tischen möglich. Sie können aber gern vor den Konzerten einen Tisch bei uns im Restaurant reservieren.

The Global Music Orchestra has been in existence for a good decade. In various formations, from duo to big band, it serves Mike Herting as a vehicle to realize his transcultural projects. Musicians from India, Europe and West Africa belong to the core of the GMO. Mike Herting will draw from this pool of musicians to present different instrumentations and music of the GMO on three evenings in the open-air concert space "Green Room". "Part 1" on Friday starts with a trio line-up:

Cheickh Lehbiadh is one of the leading singers and tidnit players from Mauritania, who has already represented his country at the World's Fair in Hannover. Since BujaZzO's 2013 tour of West Africa, he has worked with Mike Herting
including on the "Sai Symphony" performed in India and China. In his music, he combines traditional Mauritanian music - with its microtonality historically one of the origins of the blues - with his flair for harmonics.

The German-Senegalese percussionist Pape Samory Seck comes from a griot family and has also been working with Herting for years. He has mastered the entire repertoire of griot culture and is also adept at combining jazz and pop with the rhythms of his homeland. His playing inspires the trio to the grooving realization of the compositions between Europe and the Mauritanian desert.

After a trip through West Africa in February, the trio now presents itself with music between the tradition of the Sahel and compositions by Mike Herting.

Fri, 01.07.2022
Concert Highlight!

Cheikh Lehbiadh (vocals, tidinit, guitar), Pape Samory Seck (djembé, sabar, percussion), Mike Herting (piano, keyboards)

Transcultural Music

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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