((( LIVESTREAM ))) Adventsblasen mit Paul Köninger Band, Tobi Christl & Sommerplatte

Die Veranstaltung findet ersatzweise als Livestream statt.

The event takes place as a livestream. Paul Höninger and Tobi Christl will unfortunately not be able to be present as planned to play live, but they will be patched in for a short video.

For the 8th x there will be the EinTagesFestival curated by Matthias Bergmann and Hinrich Franck: a pre-Christmas meeting of musicians, without the Christmas fuss, by selected top members of the local scene and two guests from Berlin, between the pedestrian zone and the Philharmonie, with angelic singing and devilish loops & beats, (or vice versa).

Paul Köninger is a singer and songwriter from Cologne. Since October 2016 he has been studying jazz and pop music at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. In the following time he started to search and explore his own artistic identity with his own projects or as a sideman. Some projects, such as the band Schwarzlicht, announced his later collaboration with guitarist Adrian Thessenvitz. Meanwhile Paul Köninger stands with German lyrics between Pop, Funk, Soul and Rock. The first album will be released in mid 2021.
As a guest Paul has already participated in cinema and television productions such as the animated film Louis & die Aliens or the ARD series In aller Freundschaft.

Sommerplatte began with an idea of happiness: That four musicians, good friends, meet every summer to record an album, year after year, come what may. That they shake off everything that doesn't belong to the music - thoughts of stylistic affiliation, usability, the tax return - and are completely absorbed in the magic of this moment. The four musicians, Hanno Busch, Tobias Philippen, Claus Fischer and Florian Bungardt, have actually followed this idea, in an exciting crossing of boundaries between different genres, which are not only musical material, but above all have their say: the freedom of jazz, the loop-based aesthetics of electronic music, the fearless beauty of pop. Unstrained virtuosity flashes without ever being an end in itself. Songs deceive familiar blueprints, only to meander into ever new, completely different parts. Of course, the recordings also echo the widely scattered contexts in which the four musicians move outside of Sommerplatte, a world in which a bow spans from the Hurricane Festival to Jazz Baltica and where such different artists as Michael Wollny, Larry Carlton and PeterLicht are musical companions. But the essence of this record can be felt as the joy and energy of this recording summer. May many follow it - just as the lucky plan has it.

Tue, 01.12.2020

Paul Köninger (vocals), Asal Leonardt (drums), Jan Seemann (bass), Andreas Theobald (keyboards), Adrian Thessenvitz (guitar), Tobias Christl (vocals, piano, guitar), Florian Bungardt (drums), Hanno Busch (guitar), Claus Fischer (bass), Tobias Philippen (keyboards), Christoph Bernewitz (guitar)

Jazz, Pop

concert hall Start 20:00

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