Johanna Borchert ©Mike Hoejgaard

Johanna Borchert "Love Or Emptiness"

Love Or Emptiness - Tour 2018

The Berlin singer, pianist, songwriter and composer JOHANNA BORCHERT demonstrates how to bring together pop and avant-garde music in a most impressive way.
In October 2014, the charismatic artist released her first song album, "FM Biography", which was widely praised as a "masterpiece" and "great hit". In May 2015, she won the Jazz ECHO in the category "Singer of the Year - national".
The "SüddeutscheZeitung" writes that to listen to Johanna Borchert is a pleasure, but to experience her live – a sensation!
Her atmospheric and artistically arranged songsfull of secrets, stand in the tradition of passionate artists going against the grain, such as Laurie Anderson and Björk. Playing live the many-faceted musician expands the pop and singer-songwriter horizon using improvisation and acoustic sounds on the piano, which she skillfully complements with patented electronic effects.
As a band leader who calls the shots with the vocals, piano and synthesizer, Johanna Borchert is accompanied by Moritz Baumgärtner (Melt-Trio, Frittenbude, and formerly Bonarparte), who in a highly imaginative and virtuoso manner contributes the groove elements, as well as some sound bricolage. With his unbelievable playfulness and musicality on bass, moog and backing vocals, JonasWestergaard (Egslayedbytigers) is one of the most versatile and remarkable jazz bassists in Denmark. And to top it off, the man who creates the so-called sound surfaces, sending shimmers of awe with his guitar, Peter Meyer. Side by side with Moritz Baumgärtnerhe is already well known through his performance with Melt Trio, one of the most exciting ensembles of the younger German jazz scene, and this year he was also nominated for a Jazz ECHO in the guitar category.

Thu, 19.04.2018
Concert Highlight!

Johanna Borchert (vocals, piano), Jonas Westergaard (bass, moog), Peter Meyer (guitar), Moritz Baumgärtner (drums)

Jazz, Pop

concert hall Start 20:00

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