GRÜNES Kulturgespräch zu KULTURRAUMSCHUTZ: Urbane Nachtkultur in Köln - erhalten, entwickeln, stärken

With over 4 million visitors a year, around 8,000 events and around 10,000 booked artists, club culture is an important cultural and economic factor for Cologne.

But Cologne is growing and the pressure to use and recycle a limited area is increasing. Especially the 'loud' cultural areas with live music offers and rehearsal rooms are threatened by a creeping repression because they are difficult to mix with classical residential buildings because of noise protection.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2018, the Greens commissioned the administration to develop concepts to protect cultural areas in Cologne. The discussion will focus on which solutions and strategies already exist at home and abroad and which could be useful for Cologne. This will be discussed with representatives of the scene, the economy and administration and subsequently with the audience.

The participants:

Raimund Reintjes (Club Commission Berlin),
Jan van Weegen and Heiko Rühl (KlubKomm Cologne) ,
Dr. Ulrich Soénius (Deputy Managing Director IHK Cologne) and
Markus Greitemann (Assistant for Urban Development, Planning and Construction of the City of Cologne).

Moderation: Dr. Jan Üblacker (Research Institute for Social Development)

Admission free.

Mon, 25.02.2019

concert hall Start 19:00

Free admission

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