EOS Chamber Orchestra feat. Sam Amidon

Outstanding musicians, equally renowned as composers and instrumentalists, write for the EOS Chamber Orchestra and perform as soloists in their works: On this evening, we look forward to multi-instrumentalist Sam Amidon.

Sam Amidon is a singer, violinist, banjoist and guitarist originally from Vermont, USA. In his songs, he succeeds in combining the traditional music of North America with current musical developments to create a sound that is both historically charged and contemporary in its own right.
Sam Amidon is known for his stylistic openness and great curiosity; his self-released debut album Solo Fiddle in 2001, for example, consisted exclusively of traditional Irish fiddle instrumentals. The uniqueness of his art is on the one hand the result of his extremely playful and experimental approach to his song material, and on the other hand characterized by his unmistakable singing voice and idiosyncratic intonation.
Sam Amidon works both as a soloist and in every conceivable collective context, from street concerts to performances with a symphonic orchestra such as the Kronos Quartet, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Aurora Orchestra.
Unlike his earlier albums, his album The Following Mountain (2017) contains exclusively his own compositions. He describes his current album "Sam Amidon" (2020) as the most complete realization of his artistic vision to date. One example of his collaboration with string players is Folk Songs with Kronos Quartet (2017).

Founded in 2009 by conductor Susanne Blumenthal and trumpeter Susanne Knoop, the EOS Kammerorchester focuses on collaborations with musicians outside the traditional genre of classical music. Always in search of musical experimentation, they transcend overly narrow genre boundaries and create new worlds of sound beyond conventional musical labels. A central aspect of this is the combination of notated and improvised music.

Sun, 10.12.2023
Concert Highlight!

eos chamber orchestra, Sam Amidon (voc, git, banjo, comp), Susanne Blumenthal (conduction, direction)

Jazz, Folk, Kammermusik

concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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