Cologne Jazzweek: "Focus Netherlands" Gelder/Baas + Fondse/Vloeimans & Matangi String Quartett

Ben van Gelder + Reinier Baas
Saxophonist Ben van Gelder and guitarist Reinier Baas have performed as a duo for almost a decade. In that time, they have developed a vocabulary all their own: "Heaviness alternates with nimbleness, strange chords with melodic clarity, unpredictability with a reassuring sense of overall form" (New York City Jazz Record). "Mokum In Hi-Fi" is a tribute to the rowdy, beer-drinking, herring-eating, Genever-drinking, barrel-organ-wielding crowd around Amsterdam's Jordaan district.

Martin Fondse, Eric Vloeimans + Matangi String Quartet
Testimoni Interiori is a composition written by Martin Fondse for musician friend Eric Vloeimans and the Matangi Quartet. While the character of the first suite is contemplative and introspective, Testimoni Exteriori is a very expressive work. Martin Fondse chooses compositions that offer space to shape music in a blunt and passionate way. A central instrument in this series of compositions is the vibrandoneon.

Fri, 03.09.2021
Concert Highlight!

Ben van Gelder (saxophone), Reinier Baas (guitar), Martin Fondse (piano), Eric Vloeimans (trumpet)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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