Winterjazz Köln 2024

Winterjazz 2024

6. Januar 2024
w/ NICA LIVE SPECIAL am 5. Januar 2024
The winter music festival in Cologne's Stadtgarten

The 13th edition of WINTERJAZZ KÖLN kicks off the new year at Stadtgarten Köln: 39 musicians present the innovative and creative power of the Cologne scene in 11 concerts on 3 stages. You can expect a diverse and inspiring spectrum of improvised and contemporary music - experimental, complex and subtle.
Artistic direction / programme: Angelika Niescier & Ulla Oster

For the second time, the concert evening NICA LIVE SPECIAL will take place on the eve of WINTERJAZZ KÖLN. Six of the ten NICA artists will present their current projects and music. NICA LIVE SPECIAL is not open to the public and is primarily reserved for national and international professionals. Interested members of the public can register for participation by 4 January by sending an email to

Admission is free!

PROGRAMM 06. Januar 2024 ab 19:00 Uhr

Hindol Deb Essence Of Duality
Victor Fox Mumble Jazz
Felix Hauptmann PERCUSSION
Emily Wittbrodt Make You Stay
Losing Color
Magnetar Project
Lucas Leidinger
Bastian Stein Trio

The complete programme of WINTERJAZZ KÖLN 2024 on 6 January can be found at
The programme flyer can be found hier.

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