In Between Spaces: Complex Collaborations #3 | 27.-28.11.2021

In Between Spaces presents different collaborations between musicians from different regions of Africa, the African diaspora and Europe: exciting musical hybrids between jazz, noise, improv, experimental music and danceable pop.

The opening concert on Friday, November 27, will feature two European-West African ensembles with almost chamber music-like transcultural jazz: The Trio Ivoire - with Cologne pianist Hans Lüdemann, Ivorian balaphone master Aly Keita and fine percussionist Christian Thomé will have singer Dobet Gnahoré as a guest. Nainy Diabeté, who carries on her family's griot tradition, and the exceptional French pianist Eve Risser with a penchant for preparations, minimalist rhythms and imaginative harmonies, present the German premiere of their first duo program.

The second evening on Saturday, November 28 is even more colorful: the trio Mother Tongue with pianist Oscar Jan Hoogland, vocalist Mola Sylla and drummer Frank Rosaly invents states of suspension between African tradition, improvisational experimentation and free jazz with warmth and serene intensity. Basque punk-avant-garde activists Billy Bao led by noisemusician and artist Mattin ties up with bassist Margarida Garcia and kuduro producer DJ Marfox in a clash that follows their fabulous album "Lagos Sessions," which was recorded in the 20-million metropolis in 2014. With their long-standing project Burkina Electric , four musicians and dancers from Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast and cultural border crosser Lukas Ligeti combine traditional West African music and concepts of Western avant-garde, Afro-pop, electronica and dance.

An event by ZAM Zentrum für Aktuelle Musik e.V. in cooperation with the European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music Stadtgarten as part of "IN BETWEEN SPACES".
"Complex Collaborations #3" is supported by Fonds TURN of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Photo: Trio Ivoire by Volker Beushausen

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