All EM games in the Stadtgarten

On June 11, the European Football Championship 2021 begins and we are on board! Enclosed you find important information about the reservation and all the dates on which we will broadcast the games.

European Football Championship 2021
Special reservation conditions

We will also be accepting reservations for our outdoor restaurant during the 2021 European Football Championship. Reservations are not possible by e-mail, but only via the portal "OpenTable" for up to 8 people.

Special regulations apply for the preliminary round matches with German participation (June 15, 19 and 23): In contrast to previous years, we can only offer a very limited number of seats due to the Corona, so we ask for your understanding that we expect a minimum consumption of €15 per person for all Germany matches

We also ask you to arrive on time (at least one hour before the start of the game), otherwise your reserved seats will be given to someone else. We thank you for your understanding and wish you a great EM 2021!

World Cup 2018 in Stadtgarten © Patrick Essex

From the beginning of the knockout phase on Saturday, 26.06.21, we will show all matches in the entire outdoor area on a large LED screen as well as various monitors.

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