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Week of Surprise: Siegfried Koepf & Bernd Härpfer „Birdsong II / Creating Reality“ (2003/2005)

Dieses Installation findet in der Christuskirche statt: Dorothee-Sölle-Platz 1, 50672 Köln

The installation "Birdsong II / Creating Reality" merges two subtle (or: harmonically experimental) works by the Cologne composers Siegfried Koepf and Bernd Härpfer, which explore the space between the natural beauty of birdsong and the artistic construction of reality.

In "Birdsong II", recordings of various birdsongs are transformed and reassembled according to complex musical criteria with the help of an acoustic and musical analysis. The tonal microtexture and pitch structure of the birdsong are thereby carefully altered - and adapted to the sound system of the second piece "Creating Reality" for the simultaneous performance.

"Creating Reality" is the song of 32 birds, recorded in their natural habitats, filtered and amplified by means of 36 parallel bandpass filters. The frequencies of the digital filters form a non-tempered symmetrical tonal system over five octaves. "Creating Reality" was created in 2003 as part of the audio-video installation of the same name with Jungwha Jung, commissioned by the Marronnier Art Center Seoul.

Fri, 15.10.2021


Christuskirche Start 17:00

Free admission

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