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Week of Surprise: Lea Bertucci / Kasper T. Toeplitz “Elemental II” by Eliane Radigue

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Lea Bertucci
The tools are simple: prepared alto saxophone, tape machine, sampler, loudspeakers. In concerts, performances and installations, New York musician Lea Bertucci explores acoustic phenomena, physical resonances, site-specific sound possibilities in various spaces and situations. Her eight solo albums to date, including Metal Aether, Resonant Field, and A Visible Length of Light, have appeared on NNA Tapes and her own label, Cibachrome Editions, among others. An important musical partnership has linked her in recent years with vocalist Amirtha Kidambi, who some may remember from her impressive performance with Mary Halvorson's Code Girl. Lea Bertucci's work has been presented at the Museum of Modern Art, Blank Forms, Gagosian Gallery, The Kitchen, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam and the Krakow Unsound Festival.

Kasper T. Toeplitz "Elemental II" by Eliane Radigue
A meeting of two extraordinary figures that has left its mark: A monumental piece for bass, a turning point in the work of a style-defining contemporary composer. It took Kasper T. Toeplitz some time to convince the electronic composer Eliane Radigue to write a solo piece for him. "Elemental II" was the first instrumental piece in Radigue's oeuvre after many electronic compositions, entirely without feeds or the ARP synthesizer that had characterized her work until then. Since "Elemental II" Radigue has written mainly acoustic instrumental pieces, including the outstanding cycle "Naldjorlak". "Elemental II" is an impressive, subtle piece of pulsations, beats, noises and harmonics, in which Radigue transposes her dreamlike, transcendent minimalism on the border of silence into the low-frequency range.

Fri, 15.10.2021
Concert Highlight!

Lea Bertucci (saxophone, electronics, tape loops), Kasper T. Toeplitz (electric bass)

Deep Electro, Acoustic Noise, Transcendent Drone

Christuskirche Start 20:00

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