Collage Udo Moll © von Guido Schiefer, Bernd Delbrügge, Niclas Weber, Vincent Stefan

Udo Moll & Gudrun Barenbrock: superflat

The composer and sound artist Udo Moll and the video artist Gudrun Barenbrock have been working together for many years. In their latest work "superflat" they refer to the superflat manifesto of the Japanese painter Takashi Murakami. In an abstracted form, motifs and worlds of ideas from current Japanese popular culture such as manga, anime and otaku culture are taken up. The provocative 2-dimensionality of this Japanese world of signs corresponds with the decidedly monochromatic instrumental instrumentation of cello trio and analogue synthesizer.

A rich cosmos of transcultural energy transfers opens up: restructured anime and videogame music, ritualized codes as carriers of meaning, onomatopoeic noise communication. Monophonic lines of the 3 cellos proliferate florally, are then fanned out and placed in the graphically conceived tableaus of the modular synthesizer - image without plot, focus on artificiality and symbolism.

The music interacts with a decidedly architectonic video installation by Gudrun Barenbrock, which is characterized by an alternating play between black and white, light and shadow, structure and superimposition.

"superflat" is supported by the Musikfonds and the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.

Mon, 13.12.2021
Concert Highlight!

Udo Moll (composition, modular synthesizer), Gudrun Barenbrock (video installation), Nora Krahl (cello), Elisabeth Coudoux (cello), Violeta García (cello)

Jazz, Improvisation, Videoinstallation

concert hall Start 20:30 Doors 19:30

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