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Shreefpunk / Netnakisum / Meretrio: NEBENWIRKUNGEN Vol.2

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"No fear of the simple, no fear of complexity" is Shreefpunk's motto, which the award-winning band leader Matthias Schriefl has been consistently pursuing with this band since 2003. Shreefpunk has already toured the great concert halls of Europe, such as the Cologne Philharmonic, the Athens Megaron, the Philharmonic of Luxembourg, Stockholm, Brussels and many other European countries, before finally returning to Cologne's Stadtgarten.

This time even with the unbelievable string trio Netnakisum in the luggage. The three women know how to spice up the solid Shreefpunk jazz with their cheeky alpine staccati, polyrhythmic grooves, yodel interludes and rocky string solos - a string trio that can sound like a rock band, but also like a bouquet of flowers next to a mountain hut.

The Meretrio, on the other hand, fascinates with a balancing act between the Brazilian music world, European classical music and American jazz. The bandleader and composer Emiliano Sampaio changes virtuosically between trombone and guitar partly within the songs back and forth and experiments with loops and digital effects to superimpose the sound of his instruments with electronic help. The young sound researchers from Graz, Shreefpunk and Netnakisum will then go on stage together for the finale of the evening to transform the Stadtgarten into a garden of Eden full of timbres and grooves.


Matthias Schriefl - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Bass Flugelhorn, Alphorn, Voice
Alex Eckert - acoustic guitars, ukulele, voice
Alex Morsey - bass, tuba, voice

Claudia Schwab - violin, trumpet, voice
Marie-Theres Härtel - viola, flugelhorn, voice
deeLinde - cello, tenor horn, voice

Emiliano Sampaio - Guitar/Trombone
Gustavo Boni - Bass
Luis Andre - Drums/Percussion

Mon, 24.06.2019
Concert Highlight!

Jazz, Punk, Avantgarde, modern jazz, pop, Brazil, Rock, World, Folk, Irish, Carnathik, Balkan, Ballads

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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