Mike Herting's Global Music Orchestra / Part 3 - Konzert für die UNO Flüchtlingshilfe

Griotoubab: feat. Cheickh Lehbiadh, Issa Sow, Tamara Lukasheva & guests

The finale: In "Part 3" of the residency of the Global Music Orchestra around Mike Herting, all participating musicians of the two previous evenings (see "Part 1" & "Part 2") unite with guests from the Cologne music scene: singer Tamara Lukasheva, saxophonist Heiner Wiberny and trumpeter Heidi Bayer. In various constellations, musicians from different continents and cultures meet to create transcultural music in the best sense of the word and full of joy of playing - based on compositions of the orchestra, traditional songs, improvisations and the joy of what we have in common: music and dance.

The evening is dedicated to UN Refugee Aid, the German partner of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). UN Refugee Aid supports UNHCR's worldwide, life-saving missions, projects for refugees in Germany and provides information about flight, causes of flight and reasons for flight.

We donate all entrance fees, the musicians donate their fees - further donations for the UN Refugee Aid are welcome on the evening.

Sun, 03.07.2022
Concert Highlight!

Tamara Lukasheva (vocals), Cheickh Lehbiadh (vocals), Issa Sow (vocals, guitar), Djiby Diabate (balaphon), Khadim Seck (percussion, flute peul), Pape Samory Seck (percussion), Reza Askari (bass), Mike Herting (piano, keys), Heiner Wiberny (alto sax, flute, bass clarinet), Heidi Bayer (trumpet)

Transcultural Music

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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