((( LIVESTREAM ))) Past & Present: The music of Hans Lüdemann

In this special concert format Hans Lüdemann is presented as a solo pianist and with the anniversary project of TRIO IVOIRE - in "Trio IvoireXX: Enchanted Forest" it is extended with the three singers Simin Tander, Monica Akihary and Tamara Lukasheva. Hans Lüdemann is considered "one of the most individual and expressive European pianists" (Jazzpodium) or simply "one of the great pianists of German jazz" (FrankfurterRundschau). He loves to take his listeners on musical voyages of discovery, with the TRIO IVOIRE or in solo piano concerts, whose freedom he uses for improvisational adventures. On solo tours he has travelled as far as North America, West Africa and China. Since his CD "between the keys" he extends the acoustic piano sound with piano samples. The grand piano becomes a microtonal and multitimbral instrument, the boundaries of the instrument are abolished - the "music between the keys" and the "sound behind the tones" become audible. With "Beyond the tones" Lüdemann takes a further step to explore new spaces with a completely quarter-tone keyboard.

After 20 years of Trio Ivoire with their inimitable connections of African and Western music, Hans Lüdemann, Aly Keita and Christian Thomé have come up with a very special project and have increased their instrumentation and the resulting musical possibilities: The idea of polyphonic songs of the Aka from Central Africa with their different pattern structures thus grow even more diverse, but always organically, like plants into each other to form larger biotopes, always carried by a lively pulse. The singers mingle almost without words among the foliage of this "Enchanted Forest", which invites you to linger and listen, and which has also become the title track of the project "Trio Ivoire XX". Especially now we need music like this, which directs its critical gaze encouragingly to the good side of life, celebrating the transcending borders of togetherness.

Following the concert, author and music journalist Michael Rüsenberg will conduct an interview with Hans Lüdemann as part of the interview series "Speak Like A Child". Previous conversations as podcast episodes can be found here:

Wed, 14.04.2021
Concert Highlight!

Hans Lüdemann (piano, virtual piano), Aly Keita (balaphon, kalimba), Christian Thomé (drums, percussion, electronics), Tamara Lukasheva (vocals), Monica Akihary (vocals), Lisa Wulff (double bass), Simin Tander (vocals)

Improvisation, Polyjazz, Minimal, Afro-Euro-Jazz, mikrotonal

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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