((( LIVESTREAM ))) NICA streams Lukasheva/Gramss
 & Coudoux/Giw

In January this year the monthly series NICA presents at the Jaki started. Due to the current situation the series cannot be continued for the time being. As long as this is the case, there will instead be "NICA streams" every Thursday, which will bring the artists of the free Cologne scene to life digitally, curated and recorded by the NICA artists Elisabeth Coudoux, Pablo Giw, Pablo Held and Tamara Lukasheva.

The first edition is cast with two duos. In Lukasheva/Gramss Tamara Lukasheva sets German poetry to music and is accompanied by Sebastian Gramss on double bass. The duo Coudoux/Giw is a premiere. For the first time, trumpeter Pablo Giw and cellist Elisabeth Coudoux play live together in front of a (digital) audience.

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Thu, 02.04.2020

Tamara Lukasheva (vocals, piano), Sebastian Gramss (doublebass), Pablo Giw (trumpet), Elisabeth Coudoux (cello)

Jazz, Improvisation, Experimentell

jaki Start 18:30 Doors 18:00

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