LAB.CALLING © Florian Fries

Viktor Szeri © Eva Szombat

LAB.CALLING #4 presents: Viktor Szeri

interdisciplinary performance vibe

presented by Anthony Greminger, Thea Soti and Rebekka Salomea Ziegler

LAB.CALLING #4 is the continuation of the series of the Cologne collective fx.LAB started in February 2019. In 2017 Anthony Greminger, Thea Soti and Rebekka Salomea Ziegler found the new musician collective fx.LAB in Cologne. The three internationally active artists experiment with improvised music, electronic pop/hip-hop and interdisciplinary performance art and are influenced by current vibes that take place on the streets of the young generation. fx.LAB advocates collaborative communication among artists and places a further emphasis on the external impact and dissemination of non-commercial music.

The founders of the collective invite artists who inspire them and with whom they want to go deeper musically and artistically. The focus is on the unknown, on the experimental friction at the moment among the artists through the primary use of electronics, noise and beats in an ever-changing location.

This time the stage of the Stadtgarten will feature contemporary dancers, performers and choreographers VIKTOR SZERI.
Viktor Szeri comes from Budapest, Hungary. His works show a particular interest in the discovery of new formats, youth culture and the reflection of excessive subcultures and everyday situations. For him, dance is a form of expression that questions social norms, dissolves boundaries, gives room to extremism and thus criticises existing power structures. His goal is to create worlds on stage with which the viewer can easily connect and even laugh about it. Visuality, new media and DIY solutions are key elements of his performances. His instruments (new media, live streaming, videos, everyday objects, fragments of hysteria and joy) are always rooted in everyday life and familiar to everyone. He often experiments with exaggerated emotional states and overheated presence. In his shows he focuses not only on the beauty or perfection of the movements, but aims to convey a visceral experience. An experience that makes us question norms and ideas of "right" and "good". In recent years he has produced several successful shows (Melinda´s dream, Sandy is going out) and solo appearances (You take my breathe away, The muffin that we used to make together, Get ahold of it) and participated in various international projects and artist residencies in Europe.

Mon, 23.09.2019
Concert Highlight!

Performance, Noise, Movement, Electronic, DIY, Beats

concert hall Start 20:00

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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