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10 years ago, in May 2009, RotFront released their first album "EmigrantskiRaggamuffin". It is a milestone for the band and at the same time something like their business card. A colourful mix of styles - rock, reggae, hip hop, Balkan and klezmer melodies - was exciting and groundbreaking. Without pathos or political slogans, "Emigrantski Raggamuffin" was still a political message that lost none of its strength in 2019.

Songs such as Sovietoblaster, Berlin - Barcelona or Emigrantski Raggamuffin are an integral part of RotFront's concert programme, no matter whether the band performs in Berlin, Budapest, Zurich or New York, the euphoric audience sings along from the first to the last movement. But more than half of the album hasn't been played live for years, replaced by the new songs.

The tenth anniversary of the debut! - a reason to perform all 18 tracks of the record again - in a series of exclusive concerts that were to take place in the first half of 2019, before the new album is released in autumn.

Once upon a time there was a band called ROTFRONT who loved to play at the Berliner Kaffee Burger in Torstraße. The musicians came from far away, from the Ukraine, Hungary, even from Australia and America they had come together to create the "Emigrantski Raggamuffin Kollektiv RotFront" and to let the pop music of their home countries become one.
-Ox Fanzine, 2009

The cover of the 1st CD of Rotfront is a passport of the "Emigrantksi Republic". With this passport you can get everywhere, in everywhere, through everywhere. The line-up of the band shows in miniature how the population of this imaginary state is composed: one Ukrainian, one Canadian, one Hungarian and one Hungarian, five Germans, one Tasmanian, one American.
-Radio House Europe, 2009

Their music is no longer world music, but rather the urban sound from the switchpoints of the First World.
-T.A.Z., 2009

Fri, 06.09.2019

Reggae, Ska, Dancehall, Klezmer, Hip-Hop

concert hall Start 22:00 Doors 21:30

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