Stemeseder/Berger/Landfermann & Céline Rudolph's Soniqs © Artist & Jordana Schramm

Klaeng die Serie #23: Stemeseder/Berger/Landfermann & Céline Rudolph's Soniqs

With acoustic and electronic instruments, three protagonists of jazz-based improvisational music develop a discourse on the possibilities of contemporary interplay in historical instrumentation. Concepts and ideas of different geographical and temporal origins are transformed into new principles of order which enable the ensemble to bring supposedly disparate musical elements into harmony with each other. Thus, delicate counterpoint and dancing polyrhythms effortlessly resound alongside raw sound towers, vehement chord clusters and simple songfulness.

The singer and globetrotter Céline Rudolph moves between Berlin, São Paulo, Paris and New York in experimental jazz as well as in Brazilian music, African-influenced world music, hauntingly interpreted chansons and urban singer-songwriter sounds. She lets herself drift between genres, languages and cities and always lands precisely in the music.
At Stadtgarten, the two-time ECHO award winner plays brand-new music that is made to shine by her touching voice and the band's sonic kaleidoscope. The compositions are taken on a live sound journey, improvisationally and playfully expanded. The band draws on the sonic possibilities that each of the musicians, who are all also soloists on stage, brings to the table: Sebastian Merk on drums, keyboards, bass and electronic sounds, Céline Rudolph, who also plays acoustic guitar and percussion in addition to her voice, and finally a special guest.

Wed, 29.09.2021
Concert Highlight!

Elias Stemeseder (piano), Robert Landfermann (bass), Leif Berger (drums), Céline Rudolph (vocals, percussion, guitar, electronics), Sebastian Merk (drums, keyboard, bass, electronics), Regis Molina (alto saxophone, flute), Povel Widestrand (piano, keyboard)

Jazz, Experimental, Electronics

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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