Novembre © Olivier Hoffschir

nOx.3 Linda Oláh © Olivier Hofshir

Jazz Migration – nOx.3 & Linda Olàh, Novembre

Jazz Migration is an ambitious and groudbreaking programme that works since 2002 towards the promotion and the development of young musicians from the french jazz scenes. This unique programme brought to light 191 musicians, 54 bands, and produced 750 gigs in France and Europe. Jazz Migration offers to the four laureates appointed by promoters a full 2-year support, including a professionnal and artistic training and a tour of more than 80 gigs in France and in Europe.

This evening is a great occasion to discover two of the four 2018 laureates, Novembre and nOx.3 & Linda Oláh, and have a snapshot of contemporary French jazz with two dynamic young French bands currently breaking into the European scene with the Jazz Migration artist development programme.

A vibrant ensemble nOx.3 radiates energy and the undying desire of experimentation. By combining different textures and techniques these equilibristic musicians create a playful and generous music. In 2017 the new project "Inget Nytt" is taking form together with the Swedish singer Linda Oláh. Together they create a music which prioritizes the mix of several contemporary musical practices. An assemblage of complex structures and aerial melodies all brought together in a layered unity where the loop is queen. The first musical exchanges between the trio and Linda were made during a tour in October 2016. The very first notes played together all took place in front of a live audience in total improvisation. Sprung out of this first encounter are two traks; „Mid Descension" and „Inget nytt", recorded in December 2016.

Novembre is a quartet inspired by jazz history and contemporary's music writing technics, but also cinema editing and art collage, construction as David Lynch or Pablo Picasso would do. Diffracted melodies, fragmented compositions are the materials of a general form built as a scenario. Audience’s memory is directly involved when listening themes reminiscences that we thought were definitely lost in the past. Zapping, collages, mirror games and time ellipses are the tools that feed Novembre’s lyricism and poetry.

Tue, 11.12.2018
Concert Highlight!

Linda Oláh (voc), Rémi Fox (sax), Matthieu Naulleau (p), Nicolas Fox (dr), Novembre: Antonin-Tri Hoang (sax), Novembre: Romain Clerc-Renaud (p), Novembre: Elie Duris (dr)

Jazz, Experimental, Sound

concert hall Start 20:00

Free admission

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