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Ivan Dorn pres. by Kompott

Ivan Dorn, the Winner of 2017 MTV European Music Awards for Best Russian Act, will perform his first show in Cologne. He will present his debut English language album OTD (Open The Dorn).

Ivan Dorn is a singer, DJ and producer with an overabundance of quirky uniqueness.
His boundary pushing fashion style, fancy footwork and outgoing contagious personality has lit the European music industry like a wildfire.
Ivan Dorn practically became an overnight sensation in 2011 with a string of surprisingly fresh and catchy pop hits from his debut album CO'N'DORN.
His music made it's way to the center of the fanciest parties and to the hearts of the hipster youth.
They finally got a local pop star who was cool enough to worship, who sang in Russian (although his take on the language was a rather playful one), and who seemed like a perfect ring leader for the much-needed new formation of pop musicians.
Instead of following his debut album with yet another collection of radio-friendly hits, Ivan came up with the RANDORN LP in 2014, which featured a rather random yet smooth and inspired mix of genres (disco, funk, house, synthpop, etc) and influences (Dorn dressed up as Jamiroquai, Freddie Mercury, and Pharrell Williams and the album promo video), proving that there's as much geek in him as there is chic.
After conquering the Eastern European market, Ivan Dorn's international debut starts with "Collaba", a provocative lo-fi hip-hop single infused with elements of jazz, pop and funk sprinkled with a touch of IDM.
In 2016 Ivan Dorn moved to Los Angeles and started working on his first English-language album OTD. The album was produced by the Grammy winner "Bassy" Bob Brockmann. OTD was released in March 2017. A year later, the first European tour comes in April 2018.

Sat, 21.04.2018

lo-fi hip-hop, synthpop, nu-disco, funk, free jazz

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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