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Ausverkauft: Ghostly Kisses

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Some artists manage to perfectly capture the impact of their music in their own name. The French-Canadian born Margaux Sauvé aka Ghostly Kisses is one of them. Her sound, which she presented on her debut album Heaven, Wait in 2022, really does have the effect of ghostly kisses that float in from an in-between world, tingle briefly on the cheek, creep under the skin, penetrate to the heart - and change you there forever. Sauvé's voice is soft but haunting, the instrumentation between electronic pop and neoclassical elements atmospheric and yet always in motion. Just listen to the title track "Heaven, Wait," where beats, piano and her voice combine beautifully. One quickly thinks here of the quieter pieces of a Billie Eilish or an Aurora.

This year the release of a lushly expanded deluxe version of their debut album, as well as two new tracks - this time sung in French. "Oublier" and "Comme un Saule" are again two floating beautiful pop songs that show that there are still many musical surprises to come from Ghostly Kisses.

An event by Concertteam NRW.

Wed, 03.04.2024


jaki Start 20:00

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