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Die im Dunkeln hört man doch Tour 2019

Felix Meyer & project île will be back with a new album in autumn 2019. It deals with justice and guitar solos, melancholy and
Polyphony, rhyming, friction and travel pictures. It is about the downfall in slow motion, the protection of the weak from the strong, kisses under stars, heart palpitations and death, a day or a whole life in the forest. Peaceableness and fantasy.

In addition the musicians of the band "project île" soon play jazz and soon folk or chanson, montuno and musette. You can make the contents dance or underline them twice or three times as much as you like. Sometimes the band seems to float or stop time. The audience leaves the room with a smile on their face, an idea in the back of their head and a melody on their lips.

You can hear them in the dark!

For 10 years now, the author has been playing with his moving European street music history somewhere off the beaten track of pop record companies and pop music, an increasingly important niche between international chanson, poetry and system criticism, campfire, joie de vivre and love ballads.

With many friends, colleagues and companions such as Dota, Wenzel, Sarah Lesch, Konstantin Wecker, the band Keimzeit, Max Prosa or Maike Rosa Vogel, projects, songs and joint appearances are always possible. On their tour last year, "Felix Meyer and project île" enthused their audience from the Jazzhaus in Freiburg to the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Last summer Felix Meyer sang "Sage no!" with Konstantin Wecker in front of hundreds of thousands of people at the big #undividable demonstration in Berlin. The audience of the Bardentreffen in Bavaria, the Rudolstadt Festival in Thuringia and the Burg Herzberg Festival in Hesse saw him with his band on the big stages. The music can play these stages
but Meyer also likes to sing in front of 50 people in a pub.

After the first four studio albums with his own songs, Felix Meyer has been translating his youth (Soundgarden, Nirvana, Tracy Chapman, Neil Young, Pearl Jam and many others) for the last few years. He has worked for equality and the protection of the environment and has performed with Italian and Canadian colleagues for a series of concerts in a large theatre in Genoa with a programme on the heritage of the great Cantautore Fabrizio de Andre. For this year's tour a whole album with new lyrics by the singer will be released in autumn.

Tue, 05.11.2019


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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