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Dirty Honkers – Kompott

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We from the compote show you again and again (in vain) how to drink properly (like a Russian). We always forget to explain what to do afterwards.
Not how to stop drinking, we don't know that either, but how to behave drunk, so that the next day you bite your elbows with shame.

Tip 1: Turn off your phone before you get drunk. No, take it apart and put it all in different bags. Sure, you'll never know how your ex is doing. Instead, keep your carefully built image of a cool guy, already-happy-replaced wife or good colleague.
"Are you still awake?" may sound innocent, but if the message goes to a woman you haven't seen in two months, you're really a victim!

More tips at our next compote party, plus a vodka and juicy compote beats. And - which is even more awesome - live gig from the unbelievable, merciless and totally crazy "Dirty Honkers" from Berlin. The international trio comes with a new album, fresh show and old dirty swing attitude. Whereby Swing has always been too chummy, good and boring for this weird French-Canadian-Israeli trio.

RaveJazz-BoogieBass - that sounds better. Put on your swing shoes and leave your phone at home!

Sat, 18.05.2019


concert hall Start 22:00

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